1000 to 1

The Lexus NX is a new kind of SUV–one that doesn't sacrifice style for utility. But people have long been conditioned to look for utility above all else. We had to prove to one-of-a-kind, style-driven affluents at a transformative point in their lives that utility is simply not enough. Sure, an SUV can be used for practical means, but who cares what it's moving if it doesn't move you? We had to convince people to go Beyond Utility. With an eye for style, the Lexus NX target is always looking for inspiration–but they're not easy to please. To pique their interest, we had to go beyond the traditional TV spot. So we partnered with Facebook to launch and deliver the most personalized video campaign in history and at scale. We created over 1000 unique ads to reach millions of people in a way that mattered to them, and in the process we just happened to create Lexus' most successful digital campaign ever.

Lexus Beyond Utility - 1000 to 1 from Mary Toves on Vimeo.

Facebook Creative Award - Bronze
World Luxury Award - Gold
Adweek Media Plan of the Year - Best Use of Data
AME Award
ECHO Award