beats by dre

In an age where everyone’s fighting for their chance to be heard, it’s hard to stand out from the crowd. And when Beats by Dre introduced its small, but loud speaker to the world, it had some pretty loud competitors to go head to head with. That’s why we created the Beats Pills—small, but loud characters whose sass and snark helped give Beats a voice in every pop culture moment—making the Pill the #1 speaker in its category, and increasing sales by 222% in less than one year.

Working with a small, but nimble team, I created the launch strategy for the Pills hilarious debut at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards. I was also responsible for the 2013 social strategy, the user experience design of the Pills’ presence on Tumblr and, as well as much of the social and interactive copywriting for the campaign. Additionally, I helped with the concept and design of the Small, But Loud Show (a web-based talk show where the Pills interview celebrities), and our super swank presence at Fred Segal.

beatspills from Mary Toves on Vimeo.

Cannes Lions - Media - Gold
Eurobest - Interactive Campaign - Bronze
Europbest - Social Engagement - Bronze