Dustin’s Words is an invention that helps people who can’t speak communicate their needs at the push of a button. The device uses simple, easy-to-understand icons to help people with autism or other non-verbal disabilities convey their basic wants and needs. When they push a button, the device sends a text message to their family member or caregiver to let them know what they need.

Dustin's Words started out as a prototype built by my friend, Matt, for his brother, Dustin. I helped Matt get started on the path to take Dustin's Words from a prototype for one person to a product for many as a Product Manager. Through an Indiegogo campaign, we raised $12,000 so that Matt could continue development on Dustin's Words, and eventually deliver several devices to families in need for free. Dustin's Words is an ongoing project—one that has certainly taught me the importance of making the world accessible for all people.

Dustin's Words from Mary Toves on Vimeo.

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