pop secret labs

Pop Secret was made for movie nights. But the age of constant connection and entertainment on demand has made it difficult to bring people together to watch a movie. And when people watch less movies, they eat less popcorn. We had to think of a way to bring movie watching, popcorn popping, and people together again.

So we created Pop Secret Labs—a one of a kind labratory dedicated to making movies (and thereby, popcorn) social again. We created a series of experiments over the course of a year, and shared them on a custom Tumblr page. Many experiments were launched. I helped create a couple of them (in addition to helping create the original strategy and concept for the Lab).

Pop Over was an app designed to help you schedule a movie night with your friends.
Perfect Pop was an app designed to prevent burnt popcorn from ever happening again.

Perfect Pop from Mary Toves on Vimeo.

The One Show - Mobile Applications - Silver
The FWA – Mobile Site of the Day
Film Independent Movie Hackathon – 1st Place